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Erasmus 2018

Dátum: 2018. 11. 21 11:43:53 Szerző: siposne

Project review

 To project was about the foreign training for two groups of students. We sent 15 students altogether, 5 system operator and 10 software developer  students went to Austria, Vienna where they spent their training at 2 different locations between 3-23 November 2018.  They worked at few days in Hütteldorf anf the others in hostel. Two teachers accompanied them, and two other took their places 10 days later.

Our primary goal was to learn more about working abroad and to get some insight, moreover to make the students more independent. It proved to be fairly efficient in building a strong team spirit.


For students secondary priority was to deepen the language knowledge and to practise communication with native speakers. The students worked in difficult but inspiring tasks and gained useful experience.   


We are absolutely satisfied with the results, our students were praised for their work and some of them were offered permanents jobs in Austria. They had plenty of opportunities to practise the language and became much more independent than before, they found their feet in a different country with different culture, they travelled alone, organized programmes and husbanded their resources. The project was a success on every level.

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