The applicant is the V. Stephen Catholic Economic and Information Technology Secondary School. This institution has been working from 1st September, 2011. The school adopted the students, the teachers and the field of activities from its predecessor, the V. Stephen Economic and Information Technology Secondary School and continues its vocation training which is based on the Hungarian school leaving exam system. The new maintainer of our school is the diocese of Eger.

Our school was famous for its high level of education but from this school year it integrated the principles of Christianity in order to provide more for the next generations.

The number of the students is between 450 and 500 for years. Our school is the only one in the region which can offer economic and information technological special trainings. The zone of schooling extends primarily to Sátoraljaújhely, Sárospatak and the small villages along the River Bodrog.

The V. Stephen Catholic Economic and Information Technology Secondary School is a typical provincial school where – like in a big family- students, teachers and parents know each other well. This close relationship is one of the biggest advantages of the institution.

More than 10% of our students are disadvantaged and more than 20 % of them are unprivileged. Besides, arising from the unprivileged character of the region, many students live in families with unemployed parents.

The creed and goal of our school is that students who get out of our institution have a competitive and modern knowledge which they can use in their everyday life and in the world of work. It is important for us that they can hold their own in a multicultural environment and use the principles of Christianity in the future.

In the first place our students study further in economic or technological institutions of higher education but nearly half of them stay in our school after getting their certificate of final examination and chose our two-year long vocational training classes.

Most of our students are local or commuter but there are some members of collegian. They are accommodated in the local hostel of Piarists.